Maternity photos are always very special – capturing the love and anticipation of an expectant mother is such a joy.This is especially true when the mother you are shooting is your wife and future mother of your child. This maternity session of my wife Katy is very dear to my heart. We went out to Shawnee Mission Park on a gorgeous Sunday evening and she was an unbelievable trooper as I asked her to trudge through “chigger’ville” to a field of amazing tallgrass that glistened in the golden hour evening light. 071314_Katy_Maternity-39 071314_Katy_Maternity-38 071314_Katy_Maternity-37 071314_Katy_Maternity-36 071314_Katy_Maternity-35 071314_Katy_Maternity-12 071314_Katy_Maternity-10 071314_Katy_Maternity-10-2 071314_Katy_Maternity-9 071314_Katy_Maternity-2 071314_Katy_Maternity-1